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Music and Video Productions

William started “Refuge Studios” in 1984, as a place to play and create music.  Located in Centerville, LA, he had many local musicians play there.  In 1992, he was married to Candy, moved to Morgan City area, and started a family.  He continued to record with Keith Warman (Techno Sounds Engineer / Baton Rouge, LA), and other musicians.  In 1999, he released the album “Final Cut of the Millennium”.  He then decided to get serious about real estate.  He sold all his gear and focused on wealth.  In October 2009, he began filming and recording again, with more emphasis on film.  He became an actor, working in G I Joe, Fantastic 4, Roots, NCIS, Now You See Me, and many more.  On set he learned about the film business.  In the meantime, William’s sons, Alexander and Andrew were playing music, writing music, and working on graphic design.  Keith was busy learning mixing and mastering, working on “Cea Serin” music, and toured for two seasons with Cirque Dreams.  It all came together when Keith moved back to Morgan City, Louisiana.  The friends were reunited, and William Gil Films was born.  The new company was a great success, and in 2021, the company was rebranded VALEN PRODUCTIONS.  We provide studio space, professional video/audio technician support, in-studio or on-location film and video recording, and music publication. 

Keith Warman, Audio Engineer

"Keith warman has worked with some of the top Nashville studio "session players. Got raving reviews on his professionalism, outstanding creative, "results on his "mastering skills. Second to none!! I was told no reason to ship your files to Nashville. "Keith gives you the best Nashville has to offer. "V a l e n studio is equipped with state of the art equipment for "mastering, recording and available "professional video production full service available !!! Thanks Keith for mastering my music!!

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