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william gil
William comes from a family of homebuilders, and is a third generation homebuilder in Saint Mary Parish, Louisiana. He started building with his dad at  five years old. He earned his Louisiana Residential and Commercial building license in 1998 . In 2001, he began to work in residential & commercial building inspections, and plan review,  receiving International Building Code certifications in 2007. 
In 2102, William began working as a disaster inspector for FEMA contractor WSP Disaster Services.     He was deployed to Houston, Puerto Rico, as well as North Carolina following hurricane and flooding events.  He worked Pelican Construction and Inspections in U S Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria, helping rebuild the country. He returned to PR in 2019, as a FEMA contractor, working with Grants Manager.  In 2020, he began working in Lake Charles as a contractor for LA Office of Resource Management, inspecting the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.
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William has been public speaking since 1983, and is a mentor and life coach to many.  William’s motto is "Making your dreams come true". William is married to his wife of 28 years, and Candace Martin Gil. They have nine children together. They live in Patterson Louisiana.
 William began working in the video and film industry in 1985, producing many programs for Christian Family Outreach. In 2009, he began again producing music videos  for artist from across the United States. He is full length feature "Seelos: Doctor of Souls" aired on PBS New Orleans. He has produced hundreds of music videos for famous and up and coming musicians.  He is currently in production of the feature film, "The Oath" , with French writer/director Daniel Rabourdin
Creating New Residential Impact

William Gil served as CEO for Gil Enterprises, now Refuge Rentals LLC.  His company has built over 300 homes in St. Mary Parish and surrounding areas.  When the economy is St. Mary Parish improves, Refuge Rentals LLC will begin infilling subdivisions in the area with much needed housing.

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