The musical artist NOVA aims to inspire the masses with his distinctive brand of hip-hop. 

      Coming at us from straight outta the Louisiana Bayou via nearby New Orleans, he's seen how tough life can sometimes be and also has, as the song tells, glimpsed a better way to live and enjoy all the good things. It's what fires his urge to create and accomplish his goals.  "Expensive Taste" generated an impressive 300,000 free downloads from around the world.

       Writing stories, poems and lyrics since his early teens, and as a drummer attuned to the power of the best beats, NOVA began creating and recording hip-hop as NOVA. With a sound that pulls in everything from the hard rock he grew up with to the smooth soul of a Bruno Mars, the vision of Jay Z, the urgent rocking of the White Stripes and the irresistible grooves of funk, his music is on a mission to build a better life for himself and his family and inspire others to follow his path.

      "I've been through a lot," NOVA observes. And he now offers what he's learned from that in his songs. "I want to tell people: find yourself and then walk the steps. Think about the brighter things in life and the shit you don't want to go back to. Work for the the things that would make you feel good. I want to motivate people to come out of darkness into brightness. How can you get there? Listen to the songs and find out."