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Senate, Congressional, Legislative, and Representative Political Advertisements:  One :30 second commercial, One 1:00 commercial $6,500

Local Political “Talking head” advertisements    :30 second spot  $350  teleprompter is provided.  Speech writing is available for $150 per spot.

30 second TV/ social media advertisements customer provides Voice over and images    $1,200.00   we provide Voice Over    $1,700.00

Business Graphics and General Video:  Due to the involved nature of this work, we bid these out on a by the job basis.  Logo creation, one sheets, interviews, show posters and electronic press kits {EPK}  are our specialty, and a base rate is $70 per hour, with a 4 hour minimum charge. Day rate is $700, and camera rental is $300.

Audio equipment is $200 day.

Talking Head Political Advertisement
Restaurant Advertisement
Concert Advertisement
Festival Advertisement
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