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Family is the one thing we can all possibly agree on.  Rational individuals may say, "If mom isn't happy, NO ONE is happy".    It is  priority that family and home life is peaceful.  The term "man cave" is a constant source of contention for William.  Man cave infers that a man has a place to escape to.  William ask the question "Why must a man have a place to escape to in his own home?"  He believes that a home should be a man's castle, and his wife the queen.  The children bring joy to the halls of the home.  The king is a attentive ruler, protecting and caring for everyone residing within those walls.  He should be proactive, watching and listening for issues that may arise.  He must be sure that everything operates  efficiently and smoothly.  He must be observant and listen to family members  to preempt problems in the home. He must ensure that everyone is assisting in the care and maintenance of the home.  He must be actively engaged in all aspects of the home.  The leader of the home is not a dictator.  A great leader does what is best for the family. Sometimes, this may not be popular with family members.


When a couple is married, they should become one.  The husband should know what his wife and family likes and dislikes, and provide a nurturing and healthy environment for all.  This knowledge of the family is the result of actively listening.  If a man is in his cave, it makes it difficult to listen and have conversations.  The king is God fearing and a benevolent leader- servant to all.


Raising children is a task that is crucial to society.  "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." There is yet a book to be written that will address every challenge encountered by parents.  There is not one way to nurture all children.  Every child requires a different method of discipline and education.  This is another reason the father must be tuned in and listening to his family. 








William Gil has been married to his wife Candy (formerly Candice Martin) since 1991, and they currently reside in South Louisiana where they were both born and raised Catholic families. William and Candy are enjoying a beautiful, lively and happy family life. They have 9 children, 3 boys and 6 girls, born from 1992 to 2010, and they are homeschooling as well.

William is of many diverse talents providing for his family as a real estate investor and property manager since 1985. He is a Homebuilder since 1984, a Louisiana licensed residential and commercial building contractor since 1998, and an International Building Code Council Certified Building Inspector and Plans Reviewer since 2007. His family has been in the real estate business since 1970. Gil Enterprises has built over 300 dwellings in St Mary Parish, contributing in a large way to the growth of that area.

He has served as president of Patterson Rotary, Morgan City Kiwanis, South East Louisiana Home Builders Association, Building Officials Association of Louisiana and Gulf Coast Region 9 International Building Code Council. He has served the State of Louisiana as board member of the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council, and he is past chairman of the City of Patterson Main Street Committee and St Mary Parish Planning and Zoning Commission.  He is past VP of St. Mary Parish Toastmasters.

William has been speaking since 1983. His topics are family life, real estate, construction and inspections, as well as film and Personal development.

William is co founder of Fix the Family, with Raylan Alleman. Fix the Family is a lay Catholic Apostolate formed to aid and support Catholics, married or aspiring to marriage, in making their marriages rock-solid and raising their children to be strong in their Catholic Faith empowering them to resist the pull away from the Church by emphasizing authentic masculinity and femininity and offering a practical application of the solid teachings of the Catholic Faith.  He also owns Christian family Outreach website, distributing pamphlets around the globe.

He is active in his church parish, having served as St Bernadette Parish pastoral council chairman and committee chairman for the Lafayette Diocesan Pastoral Council. He is active in the Cursillio movement and member of the Knights of Columbus.

William enjoys music as a hobby and has recorded 7 albums of original music with his principal instrument being the piano.

He has been doing video and photography since 1985. He currently is director of photography and producer for many online programs, and his work has an international audience.

His full length feature movie,Seelos: Doctor of Souls, has aired on PBS in the New Orleans market area over 25 times, and has been viewed by over half million people.

William is currently employed as  a FEMA contractor , as an building inspector, and City of Patterson, LA as building official for the municipality.

william gil
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