I have paid for recording sessions for this artist. 

I have been paying for plays on social media.

I have no contract with this artist. 

I will not make any money from this artist work, past or future.

I did not get paid to make any music video for this artist.

I paid all cost for all music videos.

I am paying for these sessions and providing music videos because I love the music.  

I got this note from Robert Businelle concerning his music 04 01 2020.
" I've noticed a disconnect from you I don't have a clue why .it all started with that picture I sent you of the actress for smokin. There was nothing indecent about that picture and if it rubbed you the wrong way if it's that easy to piss you off that's not a good thing. So at this point I'm feeling you're really lost interest. Which is fine but I really would like to get Smokin out there. The way we did world class full no video. I appreciate everything we did together.am grateful. Looking at all the footage one thing stands out you said things that were pretty degrading to me was pointed out to me I never thought I think about it but it was kind of strange, interviews that nobody like me was one of the things that stuck you introduce everyone as your friend,you've never done that with me. It's like you want to keep a distance Your affiliation with the honky Tonk series is a wedge plays in a row of our friendship none of those people except me. I tried to ignore that fact. Fact is they don't have one musician in that group that intimidates me as far as Talent songwriting skills. I don't need their perks f*** them. If you will release smokin the way you did world-class full and get it on Facebook feed. That will B a conclusion to our agreement to do these last two songs. see what happens down the road thanks bro.

The agreement was this.  William GIl was to pay for 2 songs, and make 2 music videos.  "Take a break" was recorded, mastered, re recorded, and video produced.  "Smokin" was recorded, mastered, and video production was delayed because of the Coronavirus lockdown.  We had scheduled to shoot at Timmy T's and at the studio with the 3 piece band after the coronavirus pandemic was over. 

William Gil replied on 04/01/2020  "I think you must be smoking weed again because you said there’s a disconnect? I think I just dropped $75 on your last song in the last few days. I think you need to quit smoking the weed or whatever you’re doing and appreciate when someone’s hooking you up. As far as the smokin song, we were supposed to go shoot at Timothy’s, and shoot with your band after the coronavirus is finished. You need to be more appreciative of people are helping you and quit being a dick when you start feeling sorry for yourself.I am tired of all your shit and if you do it to me again I will delete every single thing we’ve ever done together and wrap it up."

Robert replied ""Good Job, and that's Mister Dick to you!!!"  

"Your the jerk i new your were don't you ever make the mistake to approach me I'll never forget what you did you sorry bastard. You pissed a lot of people off dude this stunt is going to affect your ass."

Therefore I removed all photos, videos, and social media postings, just as I had promised.




South Louisiana songwriter. Robert Businelle is grounded in the bayou swamp sound, and rivals any Nashville Guitar picker for his double stop style.Residing in Morgan City, Robert wrote this song to show hometown spirit.  He says"You may leave Morgan City, But Morgan City never leaves you"

Robert has been picking guitar for over 5 decades, and preformed with many Nashville artist.  when you ask Robert about his music, he generally laughs and says,"I cant play or sing." or, "Someone call the cops and put this ole howling dog out of his misery"   

Robert write and sings from the depths of his soul.Robert write and sings from the depths of his soul. You can contact Robert on Facebook and order a CD "Never Alone"  He says "Please buy one, or else I will use them as shooting clays!"

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Robert Businelle

Songwriter &  Storyteller